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The Diva Cup (product review)

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I discovered the diva cup while researching what to bring on my trip to India. It was my first time leaving the country so I was super nervous and wanted to prepare as much as possible. 

Luckily I had the chance to use it before my trip to India. 

I must say I was extremely thrilled for a menstrual alternative. I had long ago quit tampons and I hated everything about sanitary napkins. EVERYTHING! So I was seeking a change. I was looking for anything to combat the uncleanliness of pads. Intuitively tampons began to feel "wrong". I know my body was talking to me, so I listened. 

I did a little researched and learned the benefits of switching to the Diva Cup

1. It is made from healthcare grade non-absorbent silicone and should not irritate the inside of your vagina. 

2. The DivaCup is made from durable top quality, healthcare grade silicone that is suitable for use by women with latex allergies, because it is nitrosamine and latex-free. 

3. can be worn up to a maximum of ten (10) – twelve (12) consecutive hours

4. The DivaCup is made of soft silicone that actually softens with body heat. Because of this, the cup forms to your body

5. As The DivaCup is worn internally, your days of worrying about period odor are over.

6. The DivaCup is a personal hygienic product, a general guideline is to replace it once a year, but ultimately, it is up to the consumer to decide when it is necessary to replace the cup.

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It took me about 15 minutes to insert the diva cup for the first time. I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it was. In fact, I didn't feel it at all. Unlike tampons and pads I can feel them all day. So I fell  in love instantly. 

By the third insertion I felt like a pro. Taking out the Diva Cup took a little more practice, for I feared the worst. But once my fear of the unknown dissolved, I was very comfortable. Actually, it was odd how theprocess felt so natural. 

My only complications are the continuous leaks. Each month, leaks minimize. It's nothing a lil ole pantyliner can't fix. My goal for 2016 is to master the Diva Cup and rectify all leaks. 

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I highly suggest all women to at least try the Diva Cup once. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use.