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Stop, Breathe & Think

The Stop, Breathe & Think app allows you to meditate based on how you're feeling. You "check in", with your mental and physical. Then, you mark a maximum of 5 emotions, ranging from Appreciative to Self Critical.  Based on your emotions, the app calculates the right meditation for you. Breathe also has stickers with goals like; meditate for 1 hour or share your mediation 5 times. Its an added bonus when you open the app to see how many people are meditating. 

So far we have 20 stickers with a streak of 7, (we've meditated 7 days in a row), and 2 hours of meditating time. 

If you've tried meditating or think its not for you. Its very beneficial mentally, spiritually, and physically. It can increase your productivity, appreciation for life, help with insomnia, or create "positive shifts in moods"- www.chopra.comOprah and Russel Simmons have been champions for meditating. But for some reason, it's perceived as an out of reach practice for everyday people. But it's not true. There are so many practical and free tools for meditating. Download Breathe, if you've been wanting to improve your mind, body, and spirit. It's easy and free.