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10 Steps for Making a Scrapbook as a Holiday Gift

The greatest thing about the holidays is having the opportunity to spend time with family. Its the perfect time to reminisce which brings up feelings of nostalgia. 

But how exactly does nostalgia tie into a holiday gift idea? Well with a unique and personable scrapbook! 

Creating a scrapbook can be tedious but the long term emotional rewards are long lasting. To gift a loved one with a scrapbook this holiday season is to show your love and attention to detail all in one wrapping. So here are 10 steps on how to make the most creative homemade holiday gift.

Here's a list of things you may need

  • scrapbook
  • scrapbook paper
  • scrap book stickers
  • scrapbook borders and ribbon (optional)
  • printed photos
  • glue (Elmer's preferred)
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • markers,color pencils

Step 1.

Who are you creating a scrapbook for? It's necessary to know enough about this person to make the creative process as easy as possible. Knowing who you're creating for allows you to choose the right themes, colors, and photos. 

Step 2.

What is your scrapbook theme? You can make your scrapbook based on a life event  like; baby shower, wedding, graduation, etc. Or you can based your scrapbook on photos, for example you can only use photos of you and your loved one and ensemble those photos with a variety of paper and stickers.

Step 3.

Once you know who you're creating for and what  theme the scrapbook is based on, you can now shop materials. Choose your retailer to shop with. 

Step 4.

Choose your album theme, decide on a solid color book or an album with a themed cover. 

12 X 12

Step 5.

Choose paper themes that match your overall theme OR choose paper with designs or solid colors. For a cohesive scrapbook, the overall message must come together with the photos and details. 

Step 6.

Choosing your stickers and accessories can be overwhelming. That's why it's imperative to be guided by your theme. There are 100's of scrapbook accessories and you can end up buying items that don't fit your overall theme. So shop wisely.  

Step 7. (optional)

Choose your ribbons and borders. Ideally you want your borders to match your stickers or your background. If you're feeling fancy you can use borders that are completely different from your stickers and background.  

Step 8.

Choose your images. Most photo printing centers have integrated social media directly into their printing services. So you can print photos strait from your Facebook page.

Step 9. 

Before you assemble your scrapbook, make sure you organize your photos by page and stickers. The scrapbook should be as neat as possible you don't want to have to pull a part a photo from a page.

Step 10.

Once you have your theme, organized your photos and scrapbook materials, then you're ready to put your scrapbook together. This is the most fun but tedious part.

The time, love, and effort you put into this personal gift will give you the right results no matter what.