Charmed Feathers


Rupi Kaur

Well said by Erin Spencer, she writes, "Rupi becomes the sister you never had"

Her womaness and femininity touches us intimately like a virtual big sister. We were first introduced to Rupi's photo set: Period, which is a statement that questions society's discomfort with a women's period versus its over-sexualization of her body?  The photos are real life imagery of what its really like for women during her menstrual cycle. 

Rupi's ability to maintain her womanhood while on a public platform, which she utilizes to share her profound moments as a woman is applaudable. To exist as a woman is difficult enough. But to be able to share your truth and findings open to be scrutinized is courage at its finest. Rupi is the Charmed Sister who speaks with gentle grace but has powerful and profound meaning. Follow Rupi's Instagram for a tender and insightful perspective of a woman coming into herself.  

 Photo Credit:  wildspicemag

Photo Credit: wildspicemag

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