Charmed Feathers


Numa Perrier

Numa Perrier is an actress, artist, and writer. Our first introduction of Numa was of her character as Chick on an online web-series called, The Couple. The Couple is one of many web-series as a part of Black and Sexy TV all black online content.

Prior to making the connection that Black and Sexy TV was behind the Netflix movie, A Good Day to be Black and Sexy. By then, we were head over heels in love.

Numa's unapologetic black pride, sultry, and eccentric personality are only a few reasons why she's a Charmed Sister. As a co-founder of Black and Sexy TV, Numa sets a high standard for young girls who would like to work in entertainment with integrity. Her new online journal  as well as her Instagram  peaks into her authentic world as an artist, mother, partner, and all around power house. 

Here's a hilarious clip from BlackandSexy.TV SEXLESS.