Charmed Feathers


Myleik Teele

Her business insight and knock you onto your feet wisdom is the reason Myleik Teele is a Charmed Sister. Myleik is founder of CurlBox, a hair sampling box delivered to your door once a month.  From the beautiful images of women and their hair on CurlBox's Instagram, to Myleik's direct messages on her personal page

We look up to Myleik for her expertise and fortitude in finding her nitch. She's open the floor for a new business,  happily shares her wisdom through her goal-setting journalpodcasts, and wealth of information on her website  She's our personal trainer in business and we love her get into shape attitude. She's the no excuse big sis we all need in our corner.

If you can become CurlBOx subscriber on the quickest sold out subscription box.

Visit CurlBox to get notified when their list is open.