Charmed Feathers


I Will: Seek Community

In the pursuit of my goals as a student, artist, and business owner, I discovered it can be fairly easy to lose focus in a distracting environment. 

But through a conversation about the nature of New York’s tough environment, I was ignited to share my coping mechanisms. I couldn't believe how excited I was to share my personal resources. The fact that I could help another woman get connected becamethe most important thing to me at that moment. 

I hit the ground running and created the Charmed Community


The Charmed Community is a condensed compilation of personal resources. The community shares purposeful events, enriching books, affirmative posts, inspiring music, reachable businesses that represent sisterhood, and highlights empowering women. 

Before providing a bridge to anyone who feels out of touch, I discovered there was an assumption that women who are seeking sisterhood or a support system know where to look or how to get started. Although I have in some way already connected women, the Charmed Community is an easy-to-navigate hub towards those efforts. 

I hope my personal recommendations find you well. Feel free to share with your network of friends and sisters.


Sincerly your Charmed Sister, 


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