Charmed Feathers


I Will: Reflect: 2015

2015 was the year of being accountable and taking full responsibility for one's life. Be it past tribulations, current circumstances, goals, and desires. It was the year to stop victimization,  taking everything personal, and talking more than listening. It was truly the end of bad habits. We are reflecting on 2015's accomplishments to positively reaffirm this journey we're on. 


1. Charmed Feathers Takes India

In summer 2015 we studied Social Entrepreneurship. One of the most amazing things about going to India, was speaking it into existence and realizing again, that all our goals are feasible. There's nothing that is out of reach. 

2. New Logo

Conceptualized by owner and designer Rebekah Christie. Illustrated by Dana for Pardon My Fro. Designed before the trip to India, released after. It perfectly represents all that is Charmed Feathers. We're so proud of the results.


3. Charmed Sister Meetup

We're on a mission to inspire women to access their womanhood. We've done this indirectly through our jewelry accessories. But this year we took our mission to inspire women, directly, through meetups. We're going to continue this means of connecting women and sisters.