Charmed Feathers


I Will: Prioritize

Sometimes being organized with a well thought out, detailed plan, isn't enough to achieve goals. A check-in with personal priorities may be the answer.  

There comes a time when what's important is lost within the day to day hustle and bustle.

Yet the heart is still burdened with what supposes to be getting done. The feeling doesn't leave the mind. On surface level, thoughts regarding priorities are put on pause. But the subconscious mind is still haunted by what's really important and what's not getting done. 


When important priorities are neglected, the message to the heart  says, "what needs to be done isn't worth the time or commitment".


Believe it or not this eats away at the heart slowly. Eventually it effects self-confidence and self-observation. This is a big no no because it's the opposite of self-love and self-expression. In no way shape or form does this say, "I love me" when what's important to the heart is being pushed aside. 

Allow prioritizing to become second nature and become intuned with what's really important.