Charmed Feathers


I Will: Journal

Journaling is not just a hobby for when you were a young girl. The power in the pen has the ability to give you a sense of clarity, a clearer mind, and an over all lighter spirit. It's one of those things that's so small but has tremendous benefits. Like exercise, flossing, and praying you can never do too much of but its an activity we often take for granted.

Five reasons to Journal

  1. Serves as an outlet for stress
  2. Sort through internal conflicts
  3. Understanding oneself
  4. Empathize with others
  5. Releases tension and anxiety 

When practiced on a consistent basis writing your thoughts, ideas, and experiences in a journal can shift your entire life. In real time you can actually see the benefits of "dumping" your inner world onto paper. So please Charmed Sister, get the cutest journal and pen you can find. Then get to dumping.