Charmed Feathers


I Will: Grow

What may seem to be the most inconvenient time to change also serves as the best time to shed old patterns. But really there's no perfect time for change. You should always be striving to move forward. Especially on days that are tougher than others. 

There is something about redirecting your energy towards something positive during a challenging time. When you transfer your frustrational energy into positive change, you may forget what you were frustrated and worried about. No matter how strong the urge you have to focus all your attention on what's going wrong, you will be consumed by your positive results in the mist of your trails and tribulations.


There's a grace to seeing challenges positively and it's so possible with the proper state of mind. First you have to know that this problem, this situation is not the end of the world. It's temporary. And no matter how bad it is, trust that you will benefit in the long run. It's much easier said than done. But with these ideas in mind, you can commit yourself to breaking a habit, forming a positive one, or doing something you've always wanted to do while under a stressful transition. 

There's power in letting go what you can't control and picking up what you can. Your mind, body, and spirit belongs to you. You have complete ownership of your actions and the way you see yourself. Focus on you during trying times and you will find that your problems aren't actually problems.