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I Will: Discern Honesty

When I was 16, I remember being a habitual liar. I'm pretty sure I scarred my mother because I lied about everything. Eventually, when I would get caught (I wasn't a very good liar), I swore to never lie again. Since then, I have honored my promise to tell the truth like a child would. 

By being honest, I really came to appreciate transparency. If it meant that I might offend or hurt, I would still choose honesty.

However, when choosing love for self, I learned that my truth is something to be earned. 

Hey fam, you earned it :) 

 Photo Source: AfroStyle Magazine Facebook Page

Photo Source: AfroStyle Magazine Facebook Page

My honesty has been taken for granted, abused, and misunderstood. 

To be clear, I’m not saying that I will not tell the truth anymore. As I said, I'm not a good liar anyway. 

But telling the truth no matter what, even if it hurt me, has taught me to be selective and to discern what information is necessary, when, and with who. 

When being honest backfired, I realized it defeated the purpose. With more space and time between when, where, and how I share myself, I’ve learned to do a great deal of reflecting on if this is the right time, person, and situation. 

I share my story in hopes of inspiring you to reflect on your own honesty and how you give it away. I have saved myself from disappointment with this realization. I hope you can too.