Charmed Feathers


I Love: My Art

I'm inspired by many things as an artist; deep conversations, spiritual awakening, nostalgia, laughter, orgasmic food, and new environments just to name a few.

In my heart I see and feel things differently. I can envision a world 100 years from now. I can see it so clearly it can be stifling. But through my art; designing, scrap booking, organizing, personal style, writing, interior design and my hair I try to convey the vision(s) that I see in my head. My art is an interpretation of this impossible task. My artistry is a vessel.

I'm on a journey of articulating the exact vision I see. And I'm coming to terms that the world already sees me through my art. 

You get it! 

I said all that to introduce Charmed Feather's new wall art, this is the first installation of work. The wall art is a dimensional representation of CF logo. A woman perched in all her grace and beauty. I hope it evokes the same emotions I had while creating it. Each piece will only have a few available. But you can purchase now in CF shop. 

Sincerley Your Charmed Sister