Charmed Feathers


I Deserve: Sisterhood

Society says that we can not get along, that we as sisters will always be jealous of each other. Society lies, simple as that. Here is why we all deserve sisterhood support. 

1. The Link. As women, sometimes we feel that we are struggling on our own and that our battle is a one women war. Through sisterhood we can uplift, applaud and listen to one another.


2. The Connection. We all are looking to take our next steps. Sometimes we have the bigger picture and sometimes we do not. Connecting with sisters in a non-toxic creative environment opens up doors creating forward movement towards growth and change as we converse and inspire each other.

3. The Butterfly Effect. The walls we create around ourselves block out the people that we are truly searching for. In choosing not to shine our own light we stop another women from discovering their own. We can choose to support each other from a place of genuine inner spiritual truth.  This grounds the bonds that we seek which can last a lifetime, no matter the relations that wax and wane.