Charmed Feathers


I Believe: My Purpose

When there's more time spent on doubting your divine purpose, you're wasting precious time. There's enough toxic, negative, and counterproductive activity circulating our world. It's at its brim with what's not needed. So the longer you take accepting your purpose the longer the lives that need to be touched, by you, have to wait. 

Look at it this way, you're meant to change someone's life. So the longer you deny your purpose, the longer that person has to wait. 


The love you have to give is unlimited and you can't even imagine the role you're suppose to play. Your doubt begins in a deep place of fearing your power. You're so powerful you're afraid of what you can do. Step in your power and accept your purpose. Do not allow your self-doubt to infiltrate your mind. The responses from the external world are irrelevant to what you're suppose to do.



Wake up each morning and say, "My purpose is so strong I don't need anyone to agree with me. I Know what I'm suppose to do and I accept it. My purpose is mine and no one else's".