Charmed Feathers


I AM: A Reflection of What I Attract

I shared food with a stranger on the C train. It's kind of surreal to think about how I instantly became friends with a woman I met on the train. Our trip together wasn't but 30 minutes and we were calling one another sisters by stop 5. 

The next thing I know we are cackling in the corner like old girlfriends. It was refreshing. 

But it was really an honor to be aware of the type of space I call into existence. She validated this with her kind words. She said, "You invite warm sisterly love, you're like a big hug"

That particular morning I had not had breakfast yet and I wouldn't have had time to eat before work. While I sat and pondered my options, a woman sat next to me with a cream cheese bagel. Soon a conversation began and here I was literally breaking bread with a woman I just met on the train.


My life is about connecting with people on an intuitive level. The unexplained, intangible connection we attract is beautiful in itself. Its something I vow to feel every chance I get. From strangers to sisters, Alethea was all the validation I needed for the day. 

Sincerely Your Charmed Sister,