Charmed Feathers


I Am My Brother's Keeper


Hey Charmed Family,

In collaboration with the men behind #TheNewSterotype and Brittany Josephina, co-facilitator of Black Girl Magik. Charmed Feathers Presents; I Am My Brother's Keeper.

In light of recent events, it is imperative for us to do what is within our power. My power is "to  build relationships through self-expression and artistry". Moreover, it is within my power to create a space for those in my network and community. Through fun icebreakers, exercises, and an environment that exists to heal.

I want to invite you to "I Am My Brother's Keeper"- an event for brothers, sisters, and cousins.


Who: black men and women ages 21+
July 24,
2016 Sunday
Where: TBA
Time: 3:00pm - 5:00pm
What to Bring: 1. an open heart 2. blanket 3. something to eat
Why: To purge our pain and be a pillar of support to one another