Charmed Feathers


I Am: Focused

Surround yourself with individuals who will light fire under your butt when you're complacent. There's nothing like having friends who lead by example and mirror what you admire.

It's important to remember you're attracted to determined, hard-working, and driven individuals because you exhibit these same traits.

And to be self-driven is a task in itself. But when you have a team of people that care about you enough to hold you accountable when you fall back, cherish their tough love.


It's not often that we feel completely aligned with what we're suppose to be doing when we're suppose to be doing it. There's one million distractions and to be frank procrastination is a real disease.

So if you're losing focus or need a nudge back on track, open your heart and mind to the advice of friends you look up to. 

Focus on the fact that their advice is coming from a good place. They mean well and only want you to do great.