Charmed Feathers


Charmed Sister Meetup

The day was perfect and toasty for a girls hang out session. The shade provided a wonderful relief from the sun. We spread out comfortably on the grass at Central Park. The first Charmed Sister Meetup was a great start to a series of meetups. We enjoyed Charmed Feathers icebreaker, "Charmline Charades", which is a mock game of Charades. The icebreaker is to help us reflect on past, present, and future goals. We played out what we did as children and what we do now as adults. It was validating to compare and contrast then from now.

The main event, Moving Forward,  is an interactive empowering tool that unifies and connects women by celebrating their collective milestones. The purpose of the game is to make physical steps forward with teams of women. And only if ALL the team members have accomplished the milestone. A powerful and profound game in, if I win, my sister wins. 


We will continue to host meetups as a new component to Charmed Feathers 2015 expansion. There will be two more meetups before the summer officially ends. We hope to see you there.