Charmed Feathers


Charmed Feathers Beach Day

Photography Shola Bashorun


It's been a fantastic summer, and it wouldn't be complete without the perfect beach day. Although we live in New York, there are a few clean and accessible beaches outside the city. 

We packed our cutest bikinis headed to Jacob Riis Park in Queens. 

On 8/12, we enjoyed a chill and quiet beach day with our family. It was well needed, as we discussed everything under the sun from politics, gentrification, the upcoming election, real estate, black joy, the black lives matter movement, and many other things. We added a new book to our book list called, "Men Ab: Kamitic Behavioral Transcendental Meditation".

Thank you for organizing it, I had a lot of fun!! I hope to see ya soon:}
— Jasmine

On Saturday and Sunday, the Riis Beach Baazar is held. With vendors, live music, and plenty of food to choose from, we were in for a very exciting beach day. 

Thank you so muchhhhhhhhh. I had such a great time this weekend, and I can’t wait to hang more.
— Stephanie

Summers in New York will always be the best part of the year, this was sure a memorable one.