Charmed Feathers


An Array of Flowers in the Garden

Photographer Kat


Created by Elahni Ocean, the second year,An Array of Flowers is creating a safe platform for the original backbone,WOMEN. Together we will laugh, cry, eat, relax, learn and network. This is more than an event,but more like an outlet.An evening without fear, judgement, and just pure connection. This year we will be in the garden, there will be massges, food, light music, and REALNESS! Ani't it about time!

The way the love circulated in the community garden was thick enough to cut. The love and support was shared selflessly, it was quit overwhelming. 

It was the type of space that would make any woman grateful for their grandma, mother, sisters, and friends. It was intense. We enjoyed one another in the beautiful community garden, under harsh heat, but warm love.