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3 Charmed (last minute) Christmas Gifts

If you're racking your brains for last minute gifts for your sister. Doon't fret, these charmed tools are the perfect gift because their meaningful, different, and serve a purpose. This year we used these tools to maximize our self-love journey. Purchase these great gifts for your Eco-friendly, spiritual, or self-affirming sister.

1. The Diva Cup

A healthier, more cost effective, and comfortable alternative to pads and tampons.  Estimated to last 1 year. If you love your body, switch to the Diva Cup for $40. Purchase the Diva Cup at select Duane Reade locations. 

Personal experience with The Diva Cup

2. Yoni Egg

Are you looking to strength your vaginal walls, access the power in your womb, or just align your chakras? No? Then you should be. 

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Organic Blood

Fem Magic

3. Thinx (Period Panties)

Are you a grown woman still wearing diapers? Do you know a friend, sister who HATES pads and panty liners. Then this is the perfect gift for your sister-friend. Thinx are not meant to eliminate pads or tampons but to serve as a support.

Thinx is designed by women in New York City and made by women in Sri Lanka

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