Charmed Feathers


12 Personal Gift Ideas

1. A personalized scrapbook

Creating a scrapbook as a holiday gift will be the most memorable gift of the year.


2. Photo Album with fun photo cards

This is personal because you not only choose the photos to print but you have to create fun themes to match the event. The photo album brings it all together.


3. Custom Jewelry Accessory

Most jewelers offer custom jewelry that's catered to the materials they specialize in.  Its ideal to purchase a piece for yourself but gifting someone would make a great personal gift.

Charmed Feathers specializes in custom jewelry accessories.

Email for custom jewelry inquiries 


4. A book from their wish list

To make this gift personal  you must do the research or if you're sneaky, ask them in a subtle way. 


5. Groupon Getaway or Airline Gift card

Gift someone the opportunity to take that trip they've been putting off.


6. Do It Yourself project

Any gift that takes time and effort is the greatest gift of all. They're 100's of DIY projects available online. Choose the idea that best fits and start creating. 


7. Something they need

Some may argue that this isn't personal but when you give someone something they need as a gift it says you were really thinking about them and their life. And it doesn't get more personal than that.


8. Custom gift basket

What makes the gift basket custom is you assembled it yourself. You shopped for each individual item and gathered it in a nice basket. It can be as easy as putting your stocking stuffers inside a pre-wrapped gift box. Read DIY Gift Baskets for ideas OR purchase Charmed Feathers custom gift baskets.


9. Create a CD of downloaded music

This is an old school idea but still fun and personable. You can compile music that has a theme like; "Our Love Story", "When we went camping", "High school", or "Our Party Days"


10. Babysit their kids for a weekend

If you have children you will agree that doing this will win over your heart. If you don't have kids that's OK, the parents will appreciate the gift even more.


11. Yearly Planner

Give someone the opportunity to plan out their year with the Charmed Feathers custom made Yearly Planner. The gift is ideal for anyone with a business or a logo. 

12. Time

This is arguably the most precious and personal gift you can give someone. Don't take gifting someone your time for granted.