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Charmed Feathers is a lifestyle brand that inspires and connects women through sisterhood & self-love.


Charmed Feathers Jewelry Party

Rebekah Christie

On Sunday, September 4, I hosted a group of my friends for the perfect combination of sisterhood, goal setting, and shopping. 

Not much of a party but an intimate gathering of our sisters. 

I feel more centered and empowered to complete my short and long term goals. I plan on getting some digits after this survey and it wAS A Beautiful experience
— Candice
I feel great. I feel a little challenged by the writing assignment but that tells me that need to practice more on my writing manifestations. I’m absolutely happy that I came.
— De'Anna

An Array of Flowers in the Garden

Rebekah Christie

Photographer Kat


Created by Elahni Ocean, the second year,An Array of Flowers is creating a safe platform for the original backbone,WOMEN. Together we will laugh, cry, eat, relax, learn and network. This is more than an event,but more like an outlet.An evening without fear, judgement, and just pure connection. This year we will be in the garden, there will be massges, food, light music, and REALNESS! Ani't it about time!

The way the love circulated in the community garden was thick enough to cut. The love and support was shared selflessly, it was quit overwhelming. 

It was the type of space that would make any woman grateful for their grandma, mother, sisters, and friends. It was intense. We enjoyed one another in the beautiful community garden, under harsh heat, but warm love. 

Charmed Feathers Beach Day

Rebekah Christie

Photography Shola Bashorun


It's been a fantastic summer, and it wouldn't be complete without the perfect beach day. Although we live in New York, there are a few clean and accessible beaches outside the city. 

We packed our cutest bikinis headed to Jacob Riis Park in Queens. 

On 8/12, we enjoyed a chill and quiet beach day with our family. It was well needed, as we discussed everything under the sun from politics, gentrification, the upcoming election, real estate, black joy, the black lives matter movement, and many other things. We added a new book to our book list called, "Men Ab: Kamitic Behavioral Transcendental Meditation".

Thank you for organizing it, I had a lot of fun!! I hope to see ya soon:}
— Jasmine

On Saturday and Sunday, the Riis Beach Baazar is held. With vendors, live music, and plenty of food to choose from, we were in for a very exciting beach day. 

Thank you so muchhhhhhhhh. I had such a great time this weekend, and I can’t wait to hang more.
— Stephanie

Summers in New York will always be the best part of the year, this was sure a memorable one.

SoulPick Presents: Soulstice Speak Easy Potluck

Rebekah Christie

Photographer Monica Justesen


In response to recent events we are coming together to laugh, heal, and discuss a movement towards light through a curated group healing session <3. The session includes a group meditation, tarot readings and henna.

We collaborated with Nilly of SoulPick, @NeyonTree, Tatianna Tarot, Natalia, and Reign Apllm who hosted us at her place. 

We were asked to facilitate a guided meditation. 

Nilly had a line up from 2-5p of henna, a group tarot reading, and guided meditation. Little did we know the introductions alone would dominate the 3 hours, which was amazing actually.

The women were asked to give their names and who they are. But it actually took 3 hours to "introduce" everyone.

The women took that opportunity, during introductions, to share their stories, an experience that was burdening, express their yearning for connection with other women, and simply share themselves. 

The facilitators had one plan while the space demanded something else. And it was a beautiful realization, after the fact of-course. 

Eventually, we did conduct a group meditation, called "Preserving Your Light". The objective  is to Become clear on our role during social pain and how to preserve our light. through a guided meditation on the optimism and happiness of children. Then to apply that wisdom to become more clear on our roles during today’s social pain.  

We guided the women to visualize  a specific time in your childhood, which brought about its own emotions and thoughts, to proocess.

The best part about these spaces is connecting with someone's spirit. You meet them and you see one another's soul. No explanations needed, just an organic meeting. 

We'd like to thank Nilly of @SoulPick for creating a space for women to heal, love on one another, and purge. Especially at a time like this. A special thank you to Reign for opening and sharing your space. It set the perfect tone for the event. And lastly, thank you to all the women who bared their souls and trusted us with your story. You're the reason we all exist. 


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