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Charmed Feathers is a lifestyle brand that inspires and connects women through sisterhood & self-love.




Charmed Feathers is a jewelry and lifestyle brand which inspires and connects women through self-love and sisterhood.


For several years Charmed Feathers created women's accessories for the feminine, sexy, woman who accepts her flaws and knows who she is. 

The meaning behind Charmed Feathers; a person who recognizes how blessed they are (Charmed-unusually unlucky or happy as though protected by magic.) while choosing happiness despite personal challenges. And does it gracefully (Feathers- truth, lightness, flight, ascension)

The inspiration behind Charmed Feathers; The intuitive grace, strength, beauty, and sisterhood in women. Specifically our mothers, sisters, and the women who mentored us. 

CF creates accessories which include; feather earrings, beaded jewelry, body jewelry (body-chains, waist-chain), necklaces, and hair accessories.

CF, the lifestyle brand consists of events like Charmed Sister Meetups, Sister/healing circles, and I Am My Brothers Keeper, which feature healing exercises such as guided meditations.

Visit the event page for future events. 

And coming soon Charmed Feather Home will include home decor, such as, wall art, canvas art, and homeware.



What is a Charmed Sister?

She's a self-identified women who is unapologetic in her journey to self, and courageous in her awakening. She is filled with love and shares it selflessly. This woman is a "charmed sister". She represents the women who is free in her self-expression and refuses to be tied down by societal expectations and stereotypes. But she's also aware that she can not do it alone, so she's a mentee and a mentor. A charmed sister embodies unity, sisterhood, and communal healing.




About the Designer

At 18,  Rebekah began her own accessory line as a hobby which quickly flourished into a home business. Today Charmed Feathers has expanded past fun and unique accessories. But its a brand catered to empowering women to embrace their femininity, power, and self-worth.  

Rebekah is the 3rd born of her insanely creative and innovative parents. Born and raised in New York Rebekah has experienced art, music, family, and food with people from many cultures. Her father, a Brooklyn born metalsmith, emphasized loving your family above all. He would always say, “God is your only friend and next to him are your sisters”. Her mother, an FIT alumni and seamstress, encouraged her and her sisters to be authentic in their individuality. It was always about stepping out of the box, then removing the lines. Her strong family morals and values heavily influenced her personal brand. Entrepreneurship, Individuality, and Faith.   

Rebekah is a first generation college student studying gender and psychology at John Jay College.